Puzzles, Skeletons, & Adventures Await in This Week’s Xbox Games

It’s another new week and there are more than a few great games coming to the Xbox series and to the Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft has tucked some fantastic new titles into the mix including Rhianna...


Breathedge 1.0 Steam PC Review

A famous TV series once said, “Space the final frontier” and “Where no man has gone before”. I’m not quite sure how these phrases would apply to a story-driven, first-per...

9 Amazing
breathedge launch

Breathedge Set To Launch on 25 February With More Space Chickens

Breathedge, the space faring survival sim from Hypetrain Digital and RedRuins Softworks, is set to ditch the safety line and blast off for a full launch on 25 February. Initially breaking out into Ear...

Breathedge Review

Breathedge Review for PC

I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent time on a farm. I’ve had to feed chickens. And if you’re looking for a game to wreak your vengeance on them, this is definitely one of th...

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