Escape With Islanders on PlayStation & Xbox Consoles

Islanders, the scenic island building game from Coatsink, is about to break ground on PlayStation and Xbox on 26 August. After this calming island getaway featured on Nintendo’s showcase and landed on...

power to the people

Prepare To Plug In Power To The People

Prepare to plug in and zone out as publisher Crytivo has just announced Power to the People, an electrifying new power grid management sim. If you’re a fan of Planet Zoo, Two Point Hospital, or loved ...

New Awesome Switch Releases This Week

New Awesome Switch Releases This Week: Dinosaurs, Vampires & More!

After releasing a bunch of new games for Switch on August 1st, Nintendo shows no signs of slowing down with the August collection of new titles for the console. Pillars of Eternity, Turok 2 and more a...

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Pre Purchase Begins

Tool up with sword and saw, Dragon Quest 2 Builders Pre Purchase begins today. Square Enix has just launched pre-orders for the next Dragon Quest Builders title and revealed a whole host extra DLC det...

Anno 1800 System Requirements

Anno 1800 System Requirements Revealed

Last week Ubisoft has announced the partnership with Epic Store for the long-awaited strategy Anno 1800. In addition to the pre-orders and FAQ, the digital distributor has also revealed Anno 1800 syst...

Tropico 6 – Release Trailer

Tropico 6 – Release Trailer

El Presidente is back! Kalypso Media has shared the Tropico 6 Release Trailer to celebrate the game’s launch. Prove yourself once again as a feared dictator or peace-loving statesman on the isla...

Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars – Life On Mars Teaser Trailer

Check your launch list and strap yourselves in for the long voyage to mars. Paradox Interactive, have released a new trailer for the upcoming stategy-sim city builder, Surviving Mars by Haemimont Game...


Dragon Quest Builders Switch Review

I originally reviewed Dragon Quest Builders in October 2016 on the PS4. At the time I thought the game was fantastic. Square Enix managed to take a beloved IP such as Dragon Quest and overlay a builde...

Subnautica Review – Who needs a Porg when you can have a Cuddle Fish?

Subnautica is a single-player, open world, underwater survival game developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. You play as a crash-landed space pilot left to your own peril on an alien ocean world fil...

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