Hearthstone Battlegrounds Enters Open Beta

Hearthstone: Battlegrounds Enters Open Beta

During BlizzCon 2019 the Hearthstone development team has been on hand to announce a new mode coming into the game. Called Hearthstone Battlegrounds, this is a new way to experience the game in an exp...

Hearthstone Battlegrounds

BlizzCon 2019 – New Hearthstone Mode Battlegrounds

During BlizzCon 2019, the Hearthstone developers were on hand to announce a new expansion and a new way to play the game coming to the game. Called Battlegrounds, it is a fast-paced, easy-to-learn eig...

Causa Voices Of The Dusk

Take A Turn As Causa, Voices Of The Dusk Gets A New Demo

Causa, Voices Of TheDusk is about to rally the cause for CCG gamers as this indie card game brings on a brand new demo weekend to Steam. Set to take place on the 23 November, the upcoming demo campaig...

gwent mobile

Gwent Deals Out A New Hand in iOS Beta

Gwent is coming to Apple phones, and fans of the Witcher inspired card game from CD Projekt Red can get in and play an early hand as the iOS beta begins on 15 October. The Nilfgaard, Skellige, Norther...

See What’s Coming to Hearthstone in Near Future

See What’s Coming to Hearthstone in Near Future

As the sands settle in Uldum, Blizzard’s Hearthstone team has published a new blog post on the official site to let the players know what’s coming to Hearthstone. The devs are currently ha...


Mythgard Open Beta Launches Today!

Mythgard, a brand new Collectable Card Game from Rhino Games, launches Open Beta testing today. Get ready to bring fantasy card games into the modern era but not in the way that you might expect. Comi...

GWENT Iron Judgment Expansion Trailer

GWENT: Iron Judgment | Expansion Trailer

Newest GWENT expansion is arriving on October 2nd. The North is on the rise and Radovid is back to bring justice to his enemies. Stand by his side or defy royal authority — whichever you choose, get r...

Hearthstone - Solo Adventure Tombs of Terror Comes on September 17

Hearthstone – Solo Adventure Tombs of Terror Comes on September 17

Have you missed Uldum? Because you have a chance to return there and save it – again! Fight against the League of E.V.I.L. with Reno, Elise, Finley and Brann as they strive to squash world-threa...

The Lord of the Rings Adventure Card Game

The Lord of the Rings TCG trailer focuses on gameplay

Asmodee Digital and Fantasy Flight Interactive took to the airwaves during this week’s Gamescom 2019. The team released a new trailer to show off gameplay in The Lord of the Rings Adventure Card...

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