Mythgard Open Beta Launches Today!

Mythgard, a brand new Collectable Card Game from Rhino Games, launches Open Beta testing today. Get ready to bring fantasy card games into the modern era but not in the way that you might expect. Comi...

GWENT Iron Judgment Expansion Trailer

GWENT: Iron Judgment | Expansion Trailer

Newest GWENT expansion is arriving on October 2nd. The North is on the rise and Radovid is back to bring justice to his enemies. Stand by his side or defy royal authority — whichever you choose, get r...

Hearthstone - Solo Adventure Tombs of Terror Comes on September 17

Hearthstone – Solo Adventure Tombs of Terror Comes on September 17

Have you missed Uldum? Because you have a chance to return there and save it – again! Fight against the League of E.V.I.L. with Reno, Elise, Finley and Brann as they strive to squash world-threa...

The Lord of the Rings Adventure Card Game

The Lord of the Rings TCG trailer focuses on gameplay

Asmodee Digital and Fantasy Flight Interactive took to the airwaves during this week’s Gamescom 2019. The team released a new trailer to show off gameplay in The Lord of the Rings Adventure Card...


Afterlife is a Cyberpunk 2077 themed TCG coming in 2020

CD Projekt Red is pulling out all the stops for Cyberpunk 2077. While the game itself doesn’t come out until spring 2020, the company isn’t keeping itself just to a single game. In a surpr...

Defiant Development Is Closing Down

Defiant Development Is Closing Down

Australian studio Defiant Development, the creators of CCG with action RPG elements Hand of Fate, has taken to its Facebook page to announce the sad news that it is stopping the development of its pro...

Buying Into Faeria

A few years ago TCGs exploded onto the gaming scene, and unlike MMOs, seem to still be going relatively strong, developing their own followings and loyal fans. It seems like everyone has their own spe...

9 Amazing

Minion Masters Launch and Key Giveaway

Minion Masters is a strange beast. Part CCG, part MOBA, and Tower Defense. Now, After 9 years and with over 1.5 million early access players, the Minion Masters has launched. Originally launching into...


5 Games That Let You Be Unapologetically EVIL

Sometimes even the most paragon-like of gamers get the urge to get away from the usual good-making and justice-bringing and delve into the realm of Evil. Let’s check out the best games that let you be...

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