Gang Beasts Gets Ready For Nintendo Switch

Gang Beasts Gets Ready For Nintendo Switch

Get in the ring as Gang Beasts prepares to step onto Nintendo Switch this Thursday. Initially announced back last week but almost upon us now, Gang Beasts is about to beat a path from Pc and other con...

Hatsune Miku Is Coming To Ninjala

GungHo Entertainment has announced that Hatsune Miku is coming to Ninjala as part of this year’s Magical Mirai tour. Japans massive virtual pop icon, Hatsune Miku, is set to make an appearance in Ninj...

Lemnis Gate Closed Beta

The Lemnis Gate Closed Beta is Live Now

Frontier Foundry’s brand new time looping turn based shooter closed beta is live right now. The latest arena shooter to hit the internet has kicked off a PC closed beta test ahead of its full la...

Crucible Keyart launch

Crucible Is Launching on 20 May

Crucible, the upcoming team-based shooter from Amazon games, is set to launch onto PC on 20 May. It’s not long since we found out that Crucible, Amazon Games’ other big hitter alongside Ne...

Valorant Sova Gameplay Reveal

Valorant: Sova Gameplay Reveal

Following the reveal of Phoenix and Viper, the developers from Riot Games have decided to introduce players to a new character coming to competitive FPS Valorant. Meet Sova (“Owl” in Russi...

Valorant - Meet Viper

Valorant – Meet Viper

The developers of co-op shooter Valorant previously known as “Project A” have revealed a second character to join the roster of special agents. Following previously revealed Phoenix, Viper...


PUBG: PGS: Berlin Suspended Due To Coronavirus

PUBG Corporation has just announced that the PUBG competitive event PGS: Berlin has been suspended following further concerns regarding the Coronavirus outbreak. It looks like the impact of the recent...

days of war

Days Of War Calls In Launch Day Trailer

Days of War is Out Now On PC and the World War II shooter just deployed a new trailer to show off the shiny new weapons on show. If you re sick of the anthemic rise of soulless AAA open-world shooters...

Crystal Crisis

Crystal Crisis Drops Onto Nintendo Switch

Today, Nicalis launches Crystal Crisis on Nintendo Switch and a few familiar faces are along for the ride. With the huge success of Tetris 99, it is almost a surprise we haven’t Nintendo’s mobil...

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