gamescom 2020 update

Gamescom 2020 Is No Longer Happening In Cologne

Gamescom, the yearly video game convention in Cologne, Germany, is no longer happening thanks to the COVID-19 virus. In a move that everyone expected, the gaming mega-con had fallen by the wayside in ...


Con Game: Hitting the GDA and Having a Blast

For those of you who don’t know, the GDA, Game Dev Atlantic, is an annual conference for game devs, students and aspiring game industry employees, held in Halifax, Nova Scotia (yes that’s ...

e3 west hall - No E3 Press Conference for Nintendo

E3 Tickets go public for the first time ever

That’s right, folks. If you’ve always wanted to stand in line for hours like we do every year at E3, 2017 will be the chance you’ve been waiting for. For the first time in the show&#...

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