Nightmare on Elm Street Coming to Dead by Daylight

Freddy’s ready! Behaviour has announced that Nightmare on Elm Street is coming to Dead by Daylight! Nightmare on Elm Street We don’t know exactly when Freddy will arrive, but it’s go...


Team Fortress 2 Headed to the Wilds of Jungle Inferno

Team Fortress 2 is still one of the most-played games on Steam. However, updates come few and far between. All that changes later this week with the arrival of Jungle Inferno. Team Fortress 2 – ...


Divinity Original Sin 2 Will Let You Take Your IRL BFFs Along With You

One of the key features in Divinity Original Sin 2 is the ability for players to play alongside their BFFs. Four people can play through the game together with each one playing a different character. ...

RPG Dungeon Added to SMITE in the Game’s Latest Update

Hi-Rez Studios has sent word that SMITE has been updated with a new RPG dungeon. Called “The Trials of King Heracles”, the  dungeon offers teams of three the chance to complete it cooperat...

Destiny 2 PC review - Internet Destiny 2 shaders console Open Beta - No Plans for Destiny 2 on Switch

No Plans to Bring Destiny 2 to Nintendo Switch According to Project Lead

If you are hoping to see Destiny 2 headed to Nintendo Switch, you’re in for bad news. At this time, there are no plans to bring Bungie’s next game to the new console. No plans despite lovi...

ARMS Global

ARMS Global “Testpunch” Beta Announced Along with Post-Launch Plans

Nintendo’s second big piece of news for the day is about the ARMS global “testpunch” beta! Each region will have two full weekends of gaming goodness. The first weekend will be live ...

Mario + Rabbids

Mario + Rabbids RPG? Seems Outlandish, Doesn’t It? But It’s NOT

Mario + Rabbids RPG? Can it be true? Several sites are reporting that one of this fall’s biggest Switch games is going to be just that. The game has been the subject of rumors for quite awhile a...

Cars 3

Cars 3 Driven to Win Features Old Friends & New Adventures

Cars 3 Driven to Win will be racing onto multiple platforms this June! The movie tie-in game is to feature well-known characters from the series as well as taking the crew on new adventures. Cars 3 Dr...

Destiny 2 review in progress beta

Destiny 2 Teased in Brief Trailer, Set for Big News on March 30th

Destiny 2 fans have only a couple more days to wait to find out more about the game. The very brief video reminds players to be watching on March 30th for the official D2 trailer. Destiny 2 – Wh...

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