creature collecting


Temtem team reveals content roadmap

The Temtem team is enjoying a pretty stellar early access launch of its “creature collecting MMORPG” but they’re not sitting back and counting money. In a new post on the official si...


TemTem Alpha Impressions

TemTem since its Kickstarter date back in May 2018 has been a game I’ve had my eye on. Now with a chance to experience the alpha, I can say my expectations were not let down. TemTem is a creature capt...


Ooblets To Be Published By Double Fine Presents & Available For Playing At GDC

Glumberland sent out a word about their farming and collecting game, Ooblets. It is going to be published by Double Fine Presents. Additonally, a copy of the game will be playable at GDC next week. Wh...

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