cyberpunk 2077 review cityscape

Cyberpunk 2077 Playstation Review

Jack Into Your PlayStation Samurai Whether you’ve loaded up for some apocalyptic sidequests or simply come to gaze at the neo brutalist architecture in this new digital frontier, CD Projekt Red’s Cybe...

7 Good
ghostrunner winter dlc

Ghostrunner Gets A Festive Winter DLC

Owners of a very different type of cyberpunk adventure are about to get festive as they slice their way through the new Ghostrunner Winter DLC, out now. Available right now for PC this new addition to...

N1RV ANN-A Delayed

N1RV ANN-A Delayed With Unknown ETA

N1RV ANN-A, the sequel to Cybperunk indie hit VA-11 HALL-A, is delaying service and is unlikely to arrive in 2021. When it’s ready was the warcry of the devs during Guild Wars 2’s early days, now it s...

Foreclosed - Golden JoyStick Awards Trailer

Foreclosed – Golden JoyStick Awards Trailer

Publisher Merge Games and developer Antab have shared a new trailer for the upcoming cyberpunk action/shooter Foreclosed. Follow the story of Evan Kapnos in this sleek comic-book styled game, discover...

foreclosed trailer

Foreclosed Trailer Surfaces At The Golden Joysticks

Foreclosed is coming. A new trailer for the incoming cyberpunk adventure has just appeared and it gives us all a glimpse of a dangerous dystopia. Anybody who had an opportunity to kick back and watch ...

Gamedec Dev Diary Shows off Character Creation

Gamedec Dev Diary Shows off Character Creation

The developers from Anshar Studios have released a new dev diary video to introduce players to character creation in 22nd-century cyberpunk detective Gamedec. The process of creating your avatar in th...

Ghostrunner Nintendo Switch

Ghostrunner Dashes Onto Nintendo Switch Next Week

Ghostrunner, the cyberpunk platforming adventure from 505 Games and All In! Games, is coming to Nintendo Switch in just under a weeks time. Today, co-publishers 505 Games and All In! Games followed up...

ghostrunner Nintendo switch

Ghostrunner Comes To Nintendo Switch In October

Ghostrunner, a stylish new cyberpunk platformer, is set to thrust players into a strange new future when it arrives on Nintendo Switch this October. Available from 27 October, Ghostrunner is stunning ...

Haxity hands on

We Battle Cyborgs In A Haxity hands On

Locked, loaded, and compiling now, Haxity is a far-future card fighter from indie DeveloperMegapop Games. With its Early Access reveal on Steam, we took a walk on the bad side of the cyber street with...

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