The Ascent is Now Out on PlayStation

The Ascent is Now Out on PlayStation

Curve Games and Neon Giant have released action-RPG The Ascent on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles after the initial launch on PC and Xbox devices in Summer 2021. According to the developers, ...

Beyond A Steel Sky Lands On Consoles Next Week - layer stands in front of a light or fire

Beyond A Steel Sky Lands On Consoles Next Week

Beyond a Steel Sky, the spiritual successor to Beneath a Steel Sky is coming to console owners’ libraries on 30 November. Coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and N...

Gamedec - Check Out the Launch Trailer

Gamedec – Check Out the Launch Trailer

The developers from Anshar Studio have shared the launch trailer for cyberpunk-themed isometric RPG Gamedec. The game continually adapts to your decisions and never judges. In the 22nd-century cyberpu...

no logner human

Videogames Go Cybergoth with No Longer Human

PM Studios, the team behind NA, has announced No Longer Human, a high energy action platformer that they’ve termed cybergoth. PM Studios and developer 0801 have announced that No Longer Human, a...

Get To The Orange Door screenshot of neon level and shotgun beign fired

Sticks And Stones Will Blow Your Head Off In Get To The Orange Door Update

Get To The Orange Door the neon-drenched FPS from publisher Neowiz, has just announced a new Sticks And Stones update. Available now for owners of this bright blaster, the new Sticks And Stones update...


Neuronet Plugs In For A Cyberpunk Tale Next Year

Developer Dream Harvest has announced Neuronet: Mendax Proxy, a brand new Cyberpunk tale, set to upload in Q1 2022. While a certain big-budget Cyberpunk title is still facing a rough time of things on...

Glitchpunk cityscape shot

Hit The Neon Streets Of New Balita When Glitchpunk Launches Into Early Access

Glitchpunk is set to launch into Steam Early Access next month when players will be able to kick up some cyberpunk chaos on the streets of New Balita. Glitchpunk developers Dark Lord and publisher Dea...


Fight The Neon Streets When Glitchpunk Hits Early Access In August

Daedalic Entertainment just announced that the future is coming and Glitchpunk is set for an Early Access launch on 11 August. Due to lock and load on PC, via Steam Early Access, this new future fight...

Gamedec - Official Narrative Branching Trailer

Gamedec – Official Narrative Branching Trailer

As a part of IGN’s Summer of Gaming, the developers from Anshar Studios have shared a new trailer for the upcoming isometric RPG Gamedec, aimed to introduce players to the branching narrative of...

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