Conglomerate 451

Conglomerate 451 Loads Into A New Cyberpunk Adventure

The word Cyberpunk usually conjurors up a rabid level of anticipation for a very particular title. Put the flashy vapourware to one side for today and get ready to load up a different distro, as 1C an...

Press Release: Cyber Ops: Tactical Hacking Support

We’ve all played the high-tech covert ops games that pull you into the role of the impossibly stealthy and inhumanly versatile field agent that somehow turns a hopeless, world-threatening scenar...

Observer Banner

Observer Nintendo Switch Review – Psychedelic Sleuthing

Best described as a Cyberpunk Noir Thriller, Bloober Team‘s >observer_ (i.e. Observer) comes to the Nintendo Switch console a year and a half after making its debut on Steam PC, Xbox One and ...

7.8 Good
PRESS RELEASE Re-Legion, The Cyberpunk PC RTS, Launches on Steam January 31

PRESS RELEASE: Re-Legion, The Cyberpunk PC RTS, Launches on Steam January 31

1C Entertainment has announced that following a successful showing at PAX South 2019, the cyberpunk-influenced PC real-time strategy game, Re-Legion, is launching on Steam next Thursday, January 31 fo...


{PRESS RELEASE} Twisted Cyberpunk FPS 2084 Announced for PC

What are the absolute depths of human misery, and how hard will you fight to survive? Krakow, Poland — December 10, 2018 — Descend into the dark world of cyberpunk dystopia this month, as ...


STEAM HIGH FIVE: After Dinner Escapades

Sure, dinner was great. Good food, good company, time off work… or not. Here’s hoping you found time to share with your loved ones and created moments with them. But hold on tight, the hol...


Steam High Five: Want To Be The Best Fortnite Player?

I’m sure there are plenty out there like me who are terrible at building on the fly in Fortnite getting themselves slaughtered putting walls on the wrong side! Besides Playground mode check out ...

You Need To Think More Critically About E3

Note how the title says “think more critically,” and not “think only critically.” I often receive false assumptions on my work because people misinterpret my actual intent. In this case, people wrongf...

Galactic Junk League Free Open Beta Code Giveaway

Galactic Junk League Free Open Beta Code Giveaway!

We’ve partnered with the Galactic Junk League dev team to bring you all 100 free codes for their current Open Beta as the multiplayer ship-building and skill-based shooter heads closer to launch...

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