darwin project

darwin project

Darwin Project Is Out On Steam

Darwin Project is now officially out on Steam now and brings a new meaning to the survival of the fittest in this brand new battler. Are you sick of dropping into the wilderness only to fight for surv...

Darwin Project

Darwin Project’s first alpha will soon show off the Hunger Games-esque title to the world

Online murder-simulators are kind of a big deal right now. With each new one looking to take the genre or “Battle Royale” to the next level. For all intents and purposes, Scavengers Studio...

Darwin project announced

Scavengers Studio’s The Darwin Project announced – Battle Royale redefined

Scavengers Studio, a Montreal-based independent game developer just took the lid off The Darwin Project, a massively innovative take on the burgeoning Battle Royale genre (H1Z1, Battlegrounds). ItR...

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