Deathloop & Ghostwire Tokyo Will be Timed PlayStation Exclusives

Deathloop Update Adds Accessibility Features and Photomode

Arkan Lyon and Bethesda have announced that a large new update has been deployed for its award-winning title Deathloop. The patch brings a number of accessibility features to players as well as the mu...

Hell Let Loose 3

Cyber Nostalgic: How These New Games Call Back to Modern Classics

Gamers are a nostalgic crowd. Every new title is measured against previous releases, right down to the minute details. Often, production value means little if expectations are not met or exceeded. The...

Deathloop & Ghostwire Tokyo Will be Timed PlayStation Exclusives

10 Great Games Coming in 2021

Now that the new year has officially arrived, it’s time to stop looking back and begin to look forward to what gaming has in store for fans in 2021. There are tons of games planned for the year ...

PS5 - New and Upcoming Games Trailer

PS5 – New and Upcoming Games Video

Sony shared a new advertisement video dedicated to PlayStation 5 and a huge variety of games out now and coming soon to the console, including exclusive and first-on-console titles. The video features...


Deathloop Headed to PC & PS5 on May 21st

Bethesda has great news for fans of Deathloop, the company’s upcoming next-gen first-person shooter. Players can look forward to taking part in all the PlayStation 5 and PC action on May 21, 202...

Deathloop & Ghostwire Tokyo Will be Timed PlayStation Exclusives

Deathloop & Ghostwire: Tokyo Will be Timed PlayStation Exclusives

Following the news of Microsoft seeking to purchase Zenimax/Bethesda and acquire some of the greatest gaming IPs, players have started wondering what it means for projects in development at Bethesda. ...

Games of 2020

10 Hottest Games Still Set To Release In 2020

There have already been a bunch of great games released this year but, like always, the dial gets turned up to 11 as we approach the holiday season. This fall isn’t just your run of the mill hol...

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