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DC Dual Force

Deal Justice An Epic Hand With DC Dual Force

DC Dual Force, a digital collectible card game aimed at fans of DC Comic’s heroes has just been unveiled. Cryptozoic Entertainment, Yukes, and Warner Bros. Interactive just unveiled a brand new ...

Magic The Gathering Arena Just Got A Dungeons & Dragons Crossover

Magic The Gathering Arena Just Got A Dungeons & Dragons Crossover

Magic The Gathering Arena has an additional set of cards and a Dungeons & Dragons crossover, as Adventures in the Forgotten Realms arrives in game. Available now across PC, Mac, iOS, and Android, ...

trials of fire

Trials Of Fire Lighting Up PC In April

Trials Of Fire, a brand-new fantasy adventure from some ex-Rocksteady devs, is set to light up your PC when it arrives on 9 April. Prepare to pick your battles and tackle adventure as Whatboy Games, l...

Signs of the Sojourner Review Hero

Signs of the Sojourner Review for PC

Card games come in many different forms. In Signs of the Sojourner, Echodog Games has worked out a way for a roleplaying deck builder to imitate life in fascinating ways. Navigating conversations and ...

6.2 Fair

Monster Train Beta Code Giveaway

Jump onboard our Monster Train beta code giveaway and take a seat for some hellishly good deck building action thanks to Good Shepherd Ent. That’s right we’re giving you access to the Monster Train be...

Deck Of Ashes

Deck Of Ashes Update Plays A Sly Hand

A new adventurer has arrived in Deck of Ashes. available now, you can take on the madness that is Sly, The Black Serpent. After its initial PC launch in April, Deck of Ashes has only taken a few month...

nowhere prophet

Nowhere Prophet Out On PC July

Nowhere Prophets is bringing a brand new deck building dustpunk adventure to gamers. Available 19 July, on Steam, this turn-based card game is a gorgeous new twist on the genre. Developed by Germany’s...

Slay the Spire

Slay The Spire Is Coming To Switch

Slay The Spire, the deceptively decent deck builder is getting ready to conquer another console. Days after a PlayStation 4 release, Humble and Mega Crit games have revealed Slay the Spire is coming t...

Pathfinder Adventures

Pathfinder Adventures Ready to Send Players On Epic Journeys Starting June 15th

Pathfinder Adventures is coming to PC and Mac on June 15th! The game is based on Paizo’s table top adventure games. Pathfinder Adventures In the game, players create characters and work to make ...

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