Destiny’s Sword

Destiny's Sword

Create a Destiny’s Sword Character to Fight For You

2Dogs is inviting fans of Destiny’s Sword to head to its Steam page to “wishlist” the game. As a reward for doing so, wishlisters can create a Trooper and be entered into a drawing f...

New MMO 2020

New MMOs To Play In 2020

The New year is here and that means a brand new influx of MMORPGs to try out in 2020. Here comes our pick of new MMOs we’re hyped for in 2020. If like me, you’re stepping into the new year with a bit ...

Destiny's Sword

Destiny’s Sword demo to be released on Veterans Day

2Dogs Games has announced that a playable pre-alpha demo for its upcoming multiplayer RPG, Destiny’s Sword, will be released in honor of Veterans Day and Remembrance Day on November 11th. The co...

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