Detroit: Become Human

Detroit Become Human, Heavy Rain & Beyond Two Souls Are Coming to Steam

Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain & Beyond: Two Souls Are Coming to Steam

The developers from Quantic Dream have announced that a trio of games from the company is coming to Steam on June 18th. Right now Steam players can check out the demo versions for Detroit: Become Huma...

Detroit: Become Human Review for PC

Originally released on PlayStation 4 back in April 2018, Detroit: Become Human (DBH) has finally been ported over to PC. Joining developer Quantic Dream’s other titles, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Tw...

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Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human PC launch date finally announced

Quantic Dream is letting PC players know that the wait for Detroit: Become Human is almost over. Via Twitter, developers announced that the game would finally make its PC debut on the Epic Games Store...

Beyond: Two Souls Review

It seems like an unprecedented move to bring a game to the PC platform six years after originally being released on the Playstation 3 and then two years later on the Playstation 4. But, developer Quan...

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Detroit: Become Human - PC System Requirements

Detroit: Become Human – PC System Requirements

The Epic Games Store page for the upcoming PC version of Detroit: Become Human has been updated to include the system requirements. Freedom has a price – check the specs below to make sure your ...

Detroit Demo

Detroit: Become Human becomes gold, gets a demo on PS4 this week

The long-awaited David Cage narrative action game about a robo-revolution is now gold, and a demo hits the PSN tomorrow, April 24th. David Cage’s previous games, Detroit: Become Human is liable ...

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