My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro Goes Bananas In Our Review

My Friend Pedro is an unashamedly Devolver development. A 2D shooter, it takes a seemingly simple idea and brings a uniquely oddball mix of physics platforming and murder to PC and Nintendo Switch tod...

9 Amazing

There’s No Quick Hit as We Review Weedcraft

There are some games that take me longer to review than others, catching a quick 20 minutes on Hob during my lunch Break might not raise too many eyebrows, but like so many of Devolvers back catalog W...

7 Good
Ape Out

Break Out With Our Ape Out Review

In the opening moments of 2019, we’ve seen an avalanche of AAA titles land on our doorstep here at Gamespace. That might be a cause for celebration but follow the trail of devastation, crushed hopes, ...

9.5 Amazing
Katana Zero

Katana Zero Unsheathes Awesome Sword Action on PC and Consoles

Let’s face it, slashing through a swathe of gun-toting enemies is always more satisfying with a sword. Katana Zero is a neo-noir action platformer that is as sharp as any sword skill and it is coming ...

GRIS PlayStation 4

Gris is a gorgeous Avant Garde Video Game

It’s no surprise to anybody here that I love taking a look at the slightly odd side of video games. The offbeat and unusual are where some of the years best tend to turn up, and the latest title from ...


Absolver Pre-Orders go live, GET HYPE.

Sloclap, developer of  Absolver, and Devolver Digital today announced the pre-order details for their upcoming online brawler. It’s a sort-of-MMO where players all fighting against each other Ja...

Serious Sam's Bogus Detour

One Hour With Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour

Croteam and Devlover Digital continue to ensure that Serious Sam is still blasting away at beheaded kamikazes in the latest side installment of the series in  Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour. This is our O...

Omega Update lands on Mob simulator Okhlos

The title kind of gave it all away, but Devolver Digital’s Okhlos just saw the addition of the Omega update, and is now coining itself Okhlos Omega. New features, new content, and tons of bug fixes al...

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