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Warframe 8th Anniversary Celebration Begins

Digital Extremes has revealed the first details for the 8th anniversary celebration for Warframe. The party begins with a brand new trailer that showcases some of the free rewards players on all avail...

Warframe: Deimos Arcana PlayStation 5 mech picture

Warframe: Deimos Arcana Arrives on PlayStation 5

Warframe: Deimos Arcana has arrived on consoles Tenno. It’s time to strike back against the infection. After striking back against the hideous infection on PC, Digital Extremes has dropped the latest ...


Experience Nights of Naberus in Warframe

Digital Extremes has announced that the Warframe “ancient festival of death and mischief” has reappeared in all versions of the game. During the festival, “beauty is banished and rot...


Check Out 2 New Warframe Trailers for Heart of Deimos

Heart of Deimos is the next major content expansion coming to Warframe and its release is coming later today for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In celebration of the big day, Digital Extremes has re...

TennoCon 2020

Warframe’s TennoCon Rescheduled & Goes Virtual

Digital Extremes has announced that it is moving its annual Warframe fan gathering, TennoCon, to August 1st and making the event a digital experience. By moving it to August, developers have said that...

Warframe - The Deadlock Protocol Update Trailer

Warframe – The Deadlock Protocol Update Trailer

Digital Extremes shared the new trailer for the latest update coming to Warframe. Called The Deadlock Protocol, it sheds new light on the origins of the Corpus, introduces the time-bending Warframe Pr...

Warframe Launches Operation Scarlet Spear

Warframe Launches Operation Scarlet Spear To Console

Digital Extremes has just opened up a new front in Warframe as Operation Scarlet Spear comes to PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Beginning today, and running all the way until 14 May, Operation Sca...


Atlas Prime is coming to Warframe

Digital Extremes has revealed the next character coming to the Warframe universe. Atlas has been in the game since 2015, but is being reworked into his Prime form. This means he’ll come along wi...

Warframe Fortuna Fans

Warframe Fans Remind Developers Not to Overwork

In a Reddit post that gathered almost 5k upvotes, the fans of Warframe took it on themselves to remind DE to take care of themselves and their health with the upcoming update Fortuna. The post include...

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