iFixit PS5 controller teardown picture

Your PS5 Controller May Not Last A Year Before It Breaks

With class action lawsuits heading into court against Sony, tear down team iFixit took apart a PS5 Controller and revealed that your DualSense device doesn’t look like it has got very long left....

broken joycon drift

Nintendo Will Fix Broken Joycon Drift For Free

Rumors of Nintendo’s broken Joycon continue to circle the internet and but it seems that after acknowledging the problem exists, Nintendo is out to fix the issue. As we reported recently, the number o...

Joycon Drift

An Official Joycon Drift Statement Finally Sails Into View

It looks like Nintendo has finally started to address the ongoing furor over Joycon drift with an official statement on the ongoing controller saga. For those of you that splashed out on the Nintendo ...

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