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NHL 20 Review for PS4

From Developer EA Vancouver and Publisher EA Sports comes this year’s entry into the NHL series with NHL 20. Normally you are hard-pressed to find anything different enough to hold your interest when ...

8 Great

Madden 20: Superstar Edition Review

You walk into your high school football coach’s office and there is a coach from a high-level college in his chair. He is there to talk to you about coming to his team as the number 1 starting quarter...

9 Amazing

Madden 20 Cover Player Revealed

It’s almost NFL draft time, and just in front of the first pick, the cover athlete for Madden 20 has been revealed. As a Seahawks fan, I believe it should have gone to the highest paid QB in Russell W...

NHL 19 Review

The ice is cold and smooth, you skate easily along the boards as you chase the puck. Your stick meets the puck and you carry it into enemy territory. As you skate into the zone you are met by a defend...

9 Amazing

Female Players Coming to NBA Live 19

EA has announced that female players are coming to NBA Live 19 for the first time in the franchise history, and indeed, for the first time in any basketball game. “The inclusion of female player...

Madden NFL 19 Header

EA Sports Madden NFL 19 Headed To Consoles On August 10th

It’s the sports game that keeps on giving. Another version of Madden Football is headed our way! Last week Electronic Arts Inc. announced EA SPORTS Madden NFL 19 which will hit consoles on Augus...

NHL 18

NHL 18

NHL 18 delivers the creativity of today's young NHL with new Creative Attack controls and the all-new Defensive Skill Stick. Play the fast-paced, arcade-inspired 3-on-3  NHL THREES mode, or reshape th...

8 Great

Isaiah Thomas in the Wine and Gold with NBA Live 18’s Demo

I’m a Clevelander. To learn that Kyrie Irving wanted to be traded so he could “shine more” on his own team away from LBJ made me sad. But not as sad as when I found out that Kyrie be...

NBA Live’s The One Game Mode and James Harden as Cover Athlete

I must admit, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to sit down and play a basketball video game. Fortunately for me when I finally do get an opportunity to play some digital B-ball it’s the new an...

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