Escape from Tarkov


Vendor Discount in Escape From Tarkov

On May 12, Battle State Games took to twitter with another interesting post. Due to the recent Lighthouse Keeper event that prevented us from using vendors, we now are getting a discount on the vendor...


Escape From Tarkov Devs Fighting Real Money Trades in New Patch

This week saw a new patch from the highly popular Escape from Tarkov devs at Battle State Games. On May 11, BSG posted a tweet presenting their new Anti-RMT features. The tweet is below. We present th...

Escape from Tarkov - Patch 0.12.7 Patch Notes

New Rogues Event in Escape From Tarkov

This day is a day most Tarkov players hope for when a wipe has become stale, the Rogues event. Normally when Battlestate Games starts putting Rogues on different maps it means we are at the beginning ...

escape from tarkov twitch

Escape from Tarkov Traders Closed and Money is Stolen

So, recently one of the games I play the most had its creator jump up on Twitter and declare that with a certain amount of likes, the game traders would be disabled. Shortly after that, he teased that...

Military Shooters

5 Best Military Shooters To Play In 2021

Last week we checked out some of the best military strategy games to put your tactical skills to the test. If you like your games to have a little more action than those real-time and turn-based games...

Immortals Fenyx Rising Shows How to Take Down a Hydra

Favorite Games Of 2020

At the beginning of the month we rounded up a list of all the games that received a 9 or 10 rating in 2020 (technically Ed did all of the work), then you all voted on your favorite. Final Fantasy VII ...

Escape from Tarkov - Patch 0.12.7 Patch Notes

Escape from Tarkov – Patch 0.12.7 Patch Notes

The developers of shooter Escape from Tarkov have shared the patch notes for the latest update to the game. Patch 0.12.7 adds a variety of new features to the game as well as new weapons, ammo, stimul...

Escape From Tarkov Bans Over 4000 Cheaters After Planned Wipe

Escape From Tarkov Bans Over 5000 Cheaters After Planned Wipe

Following the release of update for hardcore tactical FPS Escape From Tarkov, the developers from Battlestate Games held the planned progress wipe. As usual, a group of players wanted to r...

Escape from Tarkov – Patch 12.5 Notes

The long-awaited moment for most players will soon be upon us, “The Wipe”. For now, however, here comes patch 12.5 with some new features added that will help new players, and old players alike, with ...

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