Rainbow Six Siege - The Grand Larceny Event Begins

Rainbow Six Siege – The Grand Larceny Event Begins

Two groups come to a head in a familiar place. The gunshots ring through the hallways of the Headquarters as they clash. There’s valuable loot on the line, and these Operators will stop at nothing to ...

EVE Online – Champions of Lowsec Results Inforgraphic

Last month MMORPG EVE Online held a five-day long PvP killing spree event. During this period, alliances and independent corporations vied for the coveted title of Champions of Lowsec. Over those five...


Springtide in Dauntless Means Egg Hunting Madness

A new event has just launched into Dauntless. This time, players won’t be sent off on quests to hunt the ever-dangerous Behemoths but will instead be off to find eggs during the Springtide event...

stay safe! jam

Stay Safe! Jam Kicks Off Friday

Stay Safe! Jam, an inventive response to the current Corona pandemic is getting set to kick off on 27 March for two days of gaming goodness. Creativity has always found a way to rise against adversity...

Borderlands 3

Break some hearts in Borderlands 3 starting today

While everyone else in gaming is celebrating icky-gooey love stuff for Valentine’s Day, Borderlands 3 players are showing that they are made of tougher stuff. No roses and candies for these folk...

ARK: Love Evolved

ARK: Love Evolved puts players under Cupid’s spell

ARK players will be able to delve into the love stuff now that ARK: Love Evolved has landed in game. The event runs from now through February 18th and provides players an opportunity to “give di...


PUBG: PGS: Berlin Suspended Due To Coronavirus

PUBG Corporation has just announced that the PUBG competitive event PGS: Berlin has been suspended following further concerns regarding the Coronavirus outbreak. It looks like the impact of the recent...

The Game Festival

TGA 2019: The Game Festival – A Limited Time Demo Access Event!

The Game Festival has been running since December 12 1pm ET/6pm UK so if you want the opportunity to check out 13 games coming to PC before the 48 hour timer runs out, you still can but be quick! The ...

Hitman 2 Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Hitman 2 Celebrates One Year Anniversary

IO Interactive’s Hitman 2 just turned one year old! To celebrate the occasion, the team is showering the players with new content and in-game events. A ton of content drops are coming your way t...

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