Exocorps Review

Exocorps Early Access Impressions

Exocorps, the hard sci-fi space shooter that aims to blow the opposition out past the Orion Nebula, finally landed in Early Access at the start of this month and we geared up to give it a go. Availabl...

exocorps early access

ExoCorps Blasts Into Early Access Now

Exocorps, the hectic sci-fi shooter from indie team Gingerbred is finally blasting off into PC, via Steam Early Access. Available right now over on the official Exocorps Steam Store Page, Ginerbreds n...

exocorps beta key

Jetpack Deathmatch With A Free Exocorps Beta Key Giveaway

Exocorps, the sci-fi shooter from indie studio Gingerbred might be a little delayed but that means you can try Exocorps for free by grabbing a beta key for this awesome looking new adventure. Set in a...

exocorps delay

Exocorps Launch Delayed Until Early October

Upcoming Sci-fi shooter, Exocorps, is holding out on the physics madness and making a few final tweaks as it delays launch until early October 2020. Some of you might remember our interview with indie...

exocorps developer Interview

Exocorps Developer Interview – Preparing For Takeoff

Exocorps is coming and you need to take notice. This first-person indie shooter has been flying under the radar for some time but when we saw a teaser filled with frenzied combat and amazing landscape...


Exocorps Is Strapping On A jetpack And Aiming For Early Access In September

Jetpacks, miniguns, and frantic combat are all coming to PC as Exocorps arrives in Early Access on 17 September. Developed by indie team Gingerbread, Exocorps is a gravity-defying multiplayer shooter ...

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