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Far Cry 5 review ps4

Reexamining Far Cry 5’s Ending as a New Dawn Rises

Finally, nearly a year later, I finished the story of Far Cry 5 last night. I remember around launch that a bunch if spoiler-free articles and hottakes came out decrying th ending of the game. So befo...

Far Cry 5’s DLC Lost On Mars is like a whole new game

Far Cry 5 may have run the gamut on its reviews (we loved it), but one thing’s for sure – the DLC for the title is unlike most games’ offerings. In the first one, Hours of Darkness, ...

Into the Weeds with Far Cry 5’s Hours of Darkness DLC

When Ubisoft announced its line up for downloadable content after launch, I had a ton of questions. After all, how do you add content to a game whose series has a history of clear ending points? What ...

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Far Cry 5 Breaks Franchise Sales Records

Ubisoft has sent out a triumphant press blast to announce that Far Cry 5 has broken all previous franchise sales records. According to the post, it has more than doubled the first week sales of FC4 an...

Far Cry 5 review ps4

Far Cry 5: The Pastor Versus The Father

What you are about to read are a series of observations and thoughts from a particular point of view. I don’t expect you to agree with me, but I hope that they spark conversations. And while some many...

Far Cry 5 review ps4

Far Cry 5 Review

Give a shout for Old Glory’s stars and stripes, it’s finally here: Far Cry 5 is officially launching this week and there is a lot to talk about! So, grab yourself a strong cup of coffee or tea… hot or...

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far cry 5

Far Cry 5: Inside Eden’s Gate Releases on Prime Video

With Far Cry 5’s much-anticipated release still a few weeks out, Ubisoft releases its live action short titled Inside Eden’s Gate today on Amazon’s Prime Video service. You can check...

Far Cry 5

Hands on at Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 Preview Event

Last week, Ubisoft invited us to participate in their immersive Far Cry 5 preview event out at Reinstein Ranch in Livermore, California. The event was complete with a firing range for slingshots and c...

far cry 5

Go Inside Eden’s Gate With Far Cry 5’s Live Action Short

On March 5th, Ubisoft will be releasing an original short film in the world of Far Cry 5 entitled Inside Eden’s Gate. Produced by Asylum Entertainment, Inside Eden’s Gate will follow three vloggers fa...

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