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Wipe Day Has Come to Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a highly additive hardcore first player looter/shooter title that has just gone through its next wipe. Everyone is back to square one and is ready for the grind to begin again. F...


The Ban Hammer was Dropped on 90,000 Call of Duty Players Last Week

With great cheating comes great ban hammering. Yea, I think that works. Activision pulled out the stops and slammed 90,000 people with the ban hammer in the last week alone. This is supposedly for War...


Shadow Warrior 3 PC Review

Comedy is not used enough in video game titles but there are some titles that have done well with the added jokes. Serious Sam is a title that takes the jokes and adds the action and when I play Shado...

9.5 Amazing

Back 4 Blood Review: Bots, Bugs, Badass

For a few years, it seemed like everyone was throwing out zombie survival games: State of Decay 2, Dead Island, 7 Days to Die-developers were obsessed with an oncoming undead apocalypse. Then, we had ...

7 Good
Gunfire Reborn Review

Gunfire Reborn Review for PC

You don’t see many first-person shooter (FPS) rogue-likes, so I approached Gunfire Reborn with some skepticism, about how it would work. Within the first run, you can instantly see the potential if yo...

8 Great
Classic FPS Games

Classic FPS Games Every FPS Fan Should Try Out

First-person shooters or FPS games remain an integral part of the mainstream gaming market, all thanks to titles such as Destiny 2, Overwatch, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, The Division 2, and even Co...

Call Of Juarez Gunslinger

Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger Aiming For Nintendo Switch Release

Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger might be 6 years old but this veteran cowboy shooter I ready for one last adventure on the Nintendo Switch, this December. Techland’s first-person shooter originally h...


A Blast From The Past Coming To Switch This Month, TUROK!

If there is one memory I remember from my Nintendo 64 days it was playing Turok. This game pit you against dinosaurs, and what kids don’t like dinosaurs? You had to survive against Raptors and the mig...


RAGE 2 on the Horizon

Coinciding with the holiday of love, Zenimax has just delivered up a new ten-minute gameplay video of RAGE 2 which will entice your love for chaos and incite your inner RAGE. This new peek into the up...

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