For the King


The Problem with ‘For the King’: I can’t put it down

Have you ever found yourself sitting back, relaxing with a nice cold drink in your hand when you suddenly realize that what you need in life is a strategy meets rogue-like meets JRPG video game? No? M...

For the King: The Inspiration Behind a Unique Upcoming RPG

For the King – a rogue-like tabletop RPG – is a game that caught our eye here at Gamespace.  It promised to fuse together some of the most popular game types into one fluid experience̷...

For the King

Rogue-like Tabletop RPG, For The King, Comes out of Early Access in April and more.

For the King, a unique blend of top-down strategy, turn-based JRPG-inspired combat, and roguelike gameplay is set to leave Early Access in April.  Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch users wi...

For the King

For the King Launching in April, Console Versions in 2019

For the King, the low-poly RPG adventure from Ironoak Games is headed to full launch this April, and also to consoles (Switch, PS4, and XB1) in 2019. Today, Curve Digital announced their partnership w...

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