Fortnite x Borderlands arrives in patch 10.20

Mayhem has come to Fortnite with new crossover content with Borderlands 3. “The inhabitants of Pandora have found their way” to the game and they’re brought mayhem and madness in the...

Twitch Superstar Ninja Moves Exclusively To Mixer

Social media platforms are ablaze with the announcement that Richard Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has begun streaming on Mixer. The next chapter, — Nin...

eSports: How to Make Millions Through Video Gaming

The majority of people started playing video games when kids and continued to do it even as adults. Most of them dreamt of getting income while playing video games at the comfort of their home. Nevert...


The Top 10 Android & iOS Games Released in 2019

The gaming industry has been booming over the last few years with award-winning, story-driven games with amazing graphics. Mobile games have been a part of the gaming industry as well from the first l...

Fortnite - 14 Days of Summer & SuperData Research

Fortnite – 14 Days of Summer & SuperData Research

Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer is kicking off today! Each day players can look forward to seeing something new in the game. In Battle Royale, a new item will be unvaulted each day for 24 hours. Th...

Fortnite - v9.10 Patch Notes & Fortnite x Jumpman Crossover 2

Fortnite – v9.10 Patch Notes & Fortnite x Jumpman Crossover

Epic’s Battle Royale Fortnite continues to grow and evolve. The company published the latest round of v9.10 Patch Notes on the official site to let players know what they can expect to find in t...

Fortnite vs PUBG

OPINION: The Numbing Tragedy Of Abusive Crunch

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. A game studio’s workers are forced to crunch for a year or more in order to deliver a game on time. Developers and workers of said studio are driven to mental brea...

Fortntite - Season 8 Patch Notes

Fortntite – Season 8 Patch Notes

Season 8 is coming to Epic’s Fortnite, bringing with it the new battle pass. To help bring players up to speed, the developers have released the overview video you can find above as well as patc...

Fortnite Might Get Respawn Mechanic

Fortnite Might Get Respawn Mechanic

During the latest round of Reddit AMA, the Fortnite developers from Epic Games have answered a fan’s question about the possibility of a respawn mechanic. We’ve been considering this mechanic fo...

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