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Quake Champions: New Content Updates and FREE TO PLAY VERSION

April has brought us a lot of things, warmer weather, new movies in theaters, and FRESH new features and content for Quake Champions. Some of the additions include one of the villains of the game, Str...


Duelyst: Trials of Mythron Expansion Released!

On March 27th, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. and Counterplay Games released the sixth major expansion for Duelyst “Trials of Mythron.”  The expansion brings in two new gameplay m...


Starcraft 2 Goes F2P & Boy, Did Blizzard Throw Shade at EA

If you love realtime strategy games, you’ll be thrilled to hear that Starcraft 2 is now officially free-to-play. Here’s the skinny from our earlier news post: If you’re wondering if there ...


Dropzone Update Brings New Game Modes & F2P Model

Dropzone is going free to play on April 12th. In addition to that great news, a big update has been released with new game modes and a lot more. Dropzone free to play? You bet! Anyone with a Steam acc...

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