Prime Gaming Adds Free Copies Of Stellaris, Ashwalkers, And Lost Ark Loot For February

Prime Gaming Adds Free Copies Of Stellaris, Ashwalkers, And Lost Ark Loot For February

Prime Gaming, Amazon’s Twitch gaming spin off has just revealed a horde of free add ons for subscribers, coming in February. After a long dark month, Prime Gaming subscribers will be happy to hear the...

Assassin's Creed

How Games Like Assassin’s Creed Give Us a Feel for History

Video games kind of have a bad reputation among the general public. This might be because they encourage a sedentary lifestyle, as most players play video games for prolonged periods. But video games ...


The Top Technologies Which Have Revolutionized Gaming

It is fair to say that video gaming has come a hell of a long way since Atari delivered the first widely accessible video game to the public in 1972 with Pong. The birth of the internet quickly cleare...

Gaming Ads

How Harmful to the Industry are Misleading Gaming Ads?

One of the most universal experiences when mobile gaming is the ad that you will inevitably have to view. This could be a video you’re forced to watch, your eyes on the countdown clock until you can p...


Simple Tips That Will Make Playing Games So Much Better

Gaming has gotten more sophisticated through time. It isn’t just about toggling the joystick and letting the character in your PSP jump, duck, run, and shoot. Nowadays, it’s all about strategy, teamwo...

Star Wars

Star Wars Gaming Options for True Fans

Star Wars are highly popular gaming options all around the globe. Since the introduction of the first video game, the entire category has become a must-choose option for dedicated players. The game sa...

play & talk weekend

UKIE Get Together for Play & Talk Weekend

The UK Gaming Industry body UKIE, is getting together for a weekend of work to fight loneliness in and around gaming. Just announced, the UKIE Play & Talk Weekend is a look at the other side of th...


Gamespace Weekly 23rd march

Gamespace Weekly 23 March is a chance to look back at the highlights from last week at Gamespace and it’s here now. While I’ve been busy staring at the same four walls for the last week, the rest of t...

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Review for PC

I’ve been a fan of anime and gaming since the good old days. If there is one thing that brings back some memories it would be the dragon ball series. When Dragon Ball Z Kakarot was introduced every no...

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