Knight Terrors

Knight Terrors coming to the Nintendo Switch in time for Halloween

Announced today by Nicalis and Freak Zone Games, Knight Terrors is an arcade side-scrolling action game in the vein of 8-bit classics like Shovel Knight.  The cult-hit churning publisher announced Kni...

What We Want To See From Skill-Based Casino Gaming

What We Want To See From Skill-Based Casino Games

Video games and gambling seem like they would go together like chicken and waffles; while one evokes a slightly different feeling than the other, people look to both to satisfy their needs. More speci...


Through the Eyes of an Aging Gamer

To this day, my father still tells people stories of me “kicking his grandma’s butt in Mario at only two years old!”  I remember taking turns playing the original Zelda with my dad, ...

Switch review round up - confirmed nintendo switch games

All Confirmed Nintendo Switch Games

Thanks to GameSpot, we’ve now got a list of all the confirmed Nintendo Switch games either released, or in development. What’s nice to see is some current-gen AAA games, and Indies that ar...

Twitch ecommerce

Twitch to take on Steam with Twitch Store this year

In a move that at first sounds surprising, then expected, Twitch will be launching its own ecommerce platform this year in the form of selling PC games via the streaming service. As reported at GamesI...

Freedom Bundle

Freedom Bundle Taking On Trump’s Agenda

Humble Bundle is taking on President Trump to support refugee and legal organizations in the US. Sales of the “Freedom Bundle” will benefit the ACLU and Doctors without Borders along with ...

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