Trove Grovin' and Trovin'

Trove Players Band Together to Plant Over a Million In-Game Trees

Gamigo has announced that a cooperative effort amongst Trove players resulted in over a million in-game trees being planted to make the game world a little greener for the effort. The initiative came ...

Trove Sunrise Update

The Sunrise Update Brings Summer Fun to Trove

Gamigo has announced that Trove has been patched to bring the Sunrise Update into the game. Currently, the patch is only available for PC players of the voxel-based MMORPG. Sunrise is packed with new ...


EU Wizard101 Transfers to Gamigo Servers Begins

KingsIsle and Gamigo have announced that the server transfer process for EU Wizard101 players has started. Gameforge is no longer publishing the family-friendly MMO in the EU region and all players ar...

Trove Spring Fling 2022

Spring Fling Launches in Trove with New Events and Rewards

Gamigo has announced that its voxel-based MMO Trove has been updated to bring the annual Spring Fling event to live status. Players will be able to participate in a number of new quests to earn all-ne...

Rift Battle Pass

Rift Battle Pass Makes Its Return

Gamigo has announced the return of the Battle Pass system in its long-running MMORPG Rift. Season 1 of the retooled Battle Pass is now available and comes complete with thirty levels of challenges. Pl...


Wizard101 EU Players “Coming Home” to gamigo

KingsIsle Entertainment and Gamigo have announced that Wizard101 EU players will be “coming home” starting the week of May 16th. Gamigo is taking over publishing services for the MMORPG in...

Bunfest 2022

Bunnfest is an Eggceptionally Fun Trove Event

gamigo has announced that spring has sprung in Trove thanks to the arrival of the “eggceptionally hoppy” event, Bunfest. During Bunfest 2022 which kicked off earlier this week and that wil...

Fractured Online Tackles Alignment in the Latest Blog Post

Fractured Online Tackles Alignment in the Latest Blog Post

The developers of MMORPG Fractured Online have shared a new blog post dedicated to competitive gameplay and also tackling such topics as character alignment, karma and PVP. In Fractured Online, all ch...


It’s Valentines Time In Fiesta Online

Fiesta Online is getting ready for Valentine’s Day with plenty of lovely new activities. Fiesta Online, the anime-themed MMORPG, is already picking out flowers ahead of Valentine’s Day. Pu...

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