UK Gaming Chart MARIO MAKER 2

UK Gaming Chart: Mario Cements Nintendo’s Position

It’s been another week of success for two Italian plumbers as Mario Maker 2 blocks off the number one spot in the UK Gaming charts this week. Last time we updated the UK Gaming Chart, Mario Maker 2 ha...

Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime Is Going To Steal The Epic Gear Off Your Back

Cyber Crime is no game despite the recent announcement of a new Watchdogs but cloud tech firm Akamai’s State of the Internet report has a few nasty surprises for gamers. Criminals are after your in-ga...


Atari VCS Console Retro Gaming At Modern Prices

Atari has unveiled the new Atari VCS Console during the hustle of E3 and it is turning heads. The retro games company is making a return to the living room with a $249 system that plays retro games. F...

The Benefits Of Getting A Gaming Coach For Hardcore Gaming

The Benefits Of Getting A Gaming Coach For Hardcore Gaming

Similar to professional athletes, competitive gamers can benefit from getting a coach. Hardcore or competitive gaming requires a high level of performance that can be cultivated from the ground up. Th...

3 Ways to Smash Through Gaming Plateaus

3 Ways to Smash Through Gaming Plateaus

Some people believe that gaming ability is a skill you just happen to have, but it’s undoubtedly an example of practice making perfect. The more you play a game, they better you get at it. Indee...

Modern Gamers – What Does It Mean to Be One

When it comes to technology, the gaming industry has been growing at a steady pace, and so have gamers-they turned to modern gamers, giving a new meaning to that word. By giving a game a multiplayer o...


Gamers can now enjoy seamless audio using Xbox Wireless with the first member of the award-winning Arctis family designed specifically for Xbox CHICAGO – April 23, 2019 – SteelSeries, the global leade...

The Small and oh so Strong Mek Mini Gaming PC

Earlier Zotac introduced it’s latest entry in the market of compact computers with the Mek Mini Gaming PC. It’s designed to bring strong gaming performance wherever it goes. The Mek Mini b...


PRESS RELEASE: Logitech Celebrates Women’s Day

What: In celebration of International Women’s Day, highlighting women’s achievements in gaming and technology, Logitech, Logitech G, ASTRO Gaming, and Blue Microphones have joined forces with four int...

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