Gaming Desktops

Best High-End Gaming Desktops

Buying the best desktop is one way you can enjoy a high-end gaming experience. A good desktop gives you a seamless and uninterrupted playing experience. This makes it easier to learn different games a...

Philips TAGH401BL Gaming Headset Review - philips headset hanging on a tree

Philips TAGH401BL Gaming Headset Review

Back in August, Philips unveiled two new gaming headsets and while the Philips TAGH401BL doesn’t initially sound that impressive, we’re expecting far more than its name suggests. While Philips might n...

8 Great
Game Room

5 Things to Consider When Buying a House with a Games Room

Buying a house and want to be able to prioritize a gaming room? Here are 5 simple things you should consider before committing to the idea… When you’re buying a new house, there’s plenty to consider, ...


10 Ways Gaming in the Office Can Benefit Your Staff

Gaming in the office is becoming increasingly popular, and something potential employees are looking for when applying for jobs. Here’s how it can benefit your staff. It is becoming increasingly compe...

Chrome 94

Chrome 94 Announced Beta Tests for Next-Gen Gaming in Your Browser

Google Chrome 94 has been announced – at least in the beta version because the release version is still on the road with 92. x. Nevertheless, what are Google’s plans for the market-leading...

The VZR Model One Headset Is Out Now

The VZR Model One Headset Is Out Now

The VZR Model One, the much-hyped audiophile gaming headset from the aptly named VZR, is out now in the United States If You’ve got $349 and are looking for a new audio experience then the VZR Model O...

Video Game Trailer

Recording & Editing Gameplay Videos for YouTube: A Full Guide

Most of the gameplay videos on YouTube are of no interest to anyone. Filmed without preliminary preparation, they contain many unnecessary, often prolonged scenes without any processing. But nowadays,...

9 Basic Rules On Writing a Video Game Scenario

Writing a compelling scenario for a video game is not as simple as it seems. Although you may have a brilliant concept in your head, following it to completion is a difficult task. There are many aspe...

Gaming Gadgets

Best Gadgets to Take Your Gaming To The Next Level

During the times where mobile gaming is on the rise, those who need improved graphics, better games, and more features head towards PC and console gaming. It’s a great way to have fun as you can...

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