This Week in Gaming History and Releases 2/9

This week, let’s take a step back through time and look at some notable releases and events throughout gaming history. February 9th 1977 Game of Life – Altair 680 version released. (US) 19...


Gaming Industry Value Rises Due to Microtransactions

How often do you make in-game purchases for weapons, skins, maps, or tactical tips? It could be several times in each game if you are an avid gamer. These microtransactions have raised heated debates ...

Gamer Christmas

Last Minute Gifts For Geeks, Gamers, and Nerds

We’re on the home stretch. Christmas is just a few days away and some of us are still racing to get those last few gifts checked off our lists. Over the last few weeks we covered some great gift...

10 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Career in Game Development

No matter if you are fresh out of high school, or you simply are not satisfied with your career choice, game development might be the right vocation for you. Apart from being one of the really good ca...

Must-haves for gamers

Must-Haves Starter Pack for Every Gamer

Gaming is one of the world’s most popular fun. Immersive and fast-paced, this form of interactive entertainment wouldn’t be so great without sophisticated twists and turns brought by modern technologi...


Online Games: More Than a Lockdown Distraction

Online gaming has become more popular than ever during the pandemic that the world is currently facing. It’s a fun and accessible hobby that many people started while stuck at home. Szilvia Sultés exp...


Why Stay-at-Home Orders Have Been Great for Gaming

The video gaming industry has been one of the many to benefit from a gigantic increase in overall operations, with gaming sales in the United States reaching an apogee. While there are many forms of o...

sound blaster x3

Sound Blaster X3 – Hi-Res 7.1 Super X-Fi USB DAC with Headphone Amplifier Review

Sound Blaster has always been a premier name in the world of PC audio. Creative was the go-to brand for sound cards growing up. Today, they’ve expanded beyond that and have brought us external s...


How to Celebrate your Relationship with a Gamer

If you are celebrating a special date in your relationship with a gamer, you want a gift they are going to enjoy. As a gamer yourself, you may have some ideas, otherwise it can be challenging to decid...

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