Game development

How to Reduce the Development Cost of a Video Game

What happens when playing video games is more than a hobby and you want to get into game development? There are many people, of all ages, who find gaming the perfect entertainment, either to enjoy in ...

Technology Trends

Gaming Technology Trends 2021

The Banking Rates, a financial website, lists the gaming industry as one of the best earners of 2020. It goes on to indicate that people sought out games for entertainment and passing the time while a...

Mental Health

6 Proven Mental Health Benefits of Gaming Backed by Oxford Research

Contrary to popular belief, recent studies have shown that gaming is not just entertainment. It can have a crucial benefit on your mental health. For the first time, Oxford academics have used actual ...


3 Ideas For Spicing Up Your Gaming Life

It’s a lot of fun to sink into a few hours of gaming, especially when all your other responsibilities have been taken care of. And one of the joys of gaming is that the options are endless. While it’s...


Six Fun Ways to Get Kids into Coding, Not Just Playing

Coding is a skill that will be needed more and moreover in the coming years, so the earlier you can get kids into programming, the better. Thankfully, learning how to code doesn’t have to be boring an...


Gaming 101 – How to Stay Relaxed and Focused

While gaming has been associated as an effective stress-relieving pastime, it can cause considerable stress. Whether it is the worry of losing in a competition against another player or failing to rea...

Modern Board Games

How Hard Is It To Play Modern Board Games?

Whether you’re a champion or a board game apprentice, you’ve probably noticed the rise in popularity for board games recently. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many have tried to find new ways to kee...


Is Gaming on Console Different From PC? Here’s What You Need To Know

Since time immemorial, people have always had conflicting views and points of argument. Whether it’s Icarus in Greek Mythology disagreeing with Daedalus against flying too close to the sun or pessimis...


Why Has The Gaming Industry Become So Big?

Ever since the gaming industry burst onto the scene nearly thirty years ago now, we have seen an industry take off into becoming one of the biggest forms of entertainment on the globe right now, and t...

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