God of War

God of War Concept Art

God of War – Early Concept Art Shows Egyptian Mythology

God of War director Cory Barlog has been on hand during Devcom to talk about the making of the game. He shared many interesting behind-the-scenes details, development issues and even concept art that ...

God fo War Latest Secret

God of War – The Latest Secret Is Hidden in Kratos’ House

During the SDCC 2018,  Cory Barlog was on hand and shared a hint for the latest secret in God of War: whatever it is, you have to search Kratos’ house for it. The community has been studying eve...

God of War Boss Fights

God of War Boss Fights Had to be Cut During the Development

Cory Barlog, game director of the recent hit God of War, had an interview with GamingBolt.com in which he addressed one of the more frequent criticisms that the game has received. Namely, the shortage...

Nendoroid Kratos

God of War – Get Your Nendoroid Kratos

Does your mini-Geralt feel particularly surly without a tiny friend? Or do you want a brutal bare-chested warrior to viciously defend your collection of game-related goodies? Then this Nendoroid Krato...

God of War sales

God of War comes out on top in UK sales charts

In a case of “we could have seen that coming”, it seems that the PS4 exclusive Dad-em-Up God of War is a resounding hit in the UK. We don’t get US sales charts, but it’s likely...

Dog of War

Dog of War – Four Legs Are Better Than Two

PlayStation Europe brought forth a grim and dark trailer, presenting the undoubtedly best game of 2018: Dog of War.  Ever wanted to stretch your paws in an epic stroll across 9 worlds? Then Dog of War...

God of War review releae date Kratos The Revenant

God of War Review

Kratos is back, baby. After too long out of the public spotlight, God of War is a stunning return to form for a franchise that seemed to stumble with 2014’s, God of War: Ascension. With a rebooted set...

9 Amazing
God of War

Playstyle Freedom At the Forefront of God of War Progression

If you have been following the development of the latest God of War game to enter the franchise, April 20th cannot come soon enough. To tease what players have to look forward to and entice those who ...

God of War

God of War: Kratos’s Leviathan Axe Showcase Trailer

PlayStation Europe uploaded a new video showcasing the new Weapon that Kratos will be wielding in the upcoming God of War 4 game which is releasing on PS4 April 20th. The video highlights the reason f...

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