Blades of Time for Nintendo Switch

It’s wonderful to see older titles getting new life as they are ported to newer consoles. One of those is Blades of Time, the sequel to X-Blades and originally released back in 2012. Ports have ...

5 Average
Blades of Time Switch

Blades of Time Is Now Out on Nintendo Switch

Blades of Time is a classic hack’n’slash released by Gaijin Entertainment back in 2012. Now the remastered version is available to owners of Nintendo Switch! Ayumi the Treasure Hunter find...

Book of Demons Review – PC

Developed by Polish game developer Thing Trunk, Book of Demons is a unique mash up of hack’n’slash, action, and pen and paper gameplay.  My initial reaction was that it was a simple Diablo...

6.5 Fair

Warlords Awakening: Was it ELOA you were looking for?

Welcome back to Elite Lord of Alliance (ELOA) Everyone!  Ehheem, I mean, Warlords Awakening.  Some of you may have heard about this game, some may not, so let me summarize it very quickly before we go...

5 Average

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