Pre-Order The Playdate

You Can Pre-Order The Playdate Next Month And Own This Cute Handheld Console

Panic just announced that pre-orders for the cute yellow Playdate console will open in July, and dropped more details about launch titles. Back in 2019, we covered the news of this upcoming cute yello...

tiger lcd games

Hasbro Tiger LCD Games Are Back To Take On Mobile Gaming

Hasbro is bringing back Tiger LCD gaming taking on huge mobile hits or maybe just looking for a retro cash grab. Before some of us were lucky enough to get a Gameboy or a Sega Game Gear, on the move v...

Handheld Devices 1

The Best Gaming Device Released in 2019

Everybody loves handheld gaming devices, and as we draw closer to 2019’s end, we reflect on what the most popular gaming system is and the different consoles. We provide information and our opinions t...

Android Games

Best Android Games in 2019

Mobile gaming’s popularity has seen a huge increase in the last few years alone. With titles like Pokemon: GO & Angry Birds making a huge impact on mobile device users. Join us on this adventure t...


Updated Switch Version Rumored for 2019

The Wall Street Journal, usually not one for the rumor mill, is reporting that Nintendo may be ready for an updated version of the Nintendo Switch. If true, the new version would likely arrive sometim...


Ultra Sun & Moon the Final Pokemon RPGs for 3DS

According to IGN, Ultra Sun & Moon will be the final Pokemon RPGs made for 3DS. Game Freak Director Shigeru Ohmori confirmed this in an interview where he said that they have reached the full exte...


2DS XL Announced by Nintendo Out of the Blue

Nintendo pulled one out of the hat yesterday with the surprise announcement of the new 2DS XL. According to Nintendo, the new hand-held device fits between the 2DS and the 3DS XL. It will cost about $...

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