Happy Birthdays

The Sims Turns 20 In 2020!

Whether you play it or not, if you aren’t living under a gaming rock you’ve heard of The Sims because it’s been around for two decades. THAT’S 7300 DAYS! Can you believe it?! T...

Happy Birthdays

Happy Birthdays is out now on Nintendo Switch

At the end of May, we were lucky enough to go hands-on with Happy Birthdays, an eccentric new simulator coming out of Japan. Now it is your turn to rule the world. Happy Birthdays is now available on ...

Happy Birthdays

Happy Birthdays is a Jurassic Sandbox Simulator

Happy Birthdays is a difficult game to describe by any measure. Part Pokémon, part Minecraft, with a multi-colored sprinkling of Harvest Moon, it is the sort of game that makes little sense until you ...

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