heroes of the storm

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm Developers Moved to Other Projects

Activision Blizzard has published a new blog post on the official site. The message speaks about the future of one of the company’s titles, namely, MOBA Heroes of the Storm, featuring characters...

Heroes of the Storm HotS Seasonal Event Toys

Heroes of the Storm – Seasonal Event Brings Toys Into Nexus

The developers from Blizzard have taken to the official Heroes of the Storm site to announce a new Seasonal Event coming into the game. If you felt that there are not enough toys for Christmas, HotS h...

Heroes of the Storm Gameplay Update

Heroes of the Storm – Sylvanas & Stitches Gameplay Update

Heroes of the Storm is going through a massive gameplay update. The developers are re-tooling the character classes. Instead of the currently present Warrior, Assassin, Specialist and Support categori...

Orphea Heroes of the Storm comic HotS

Heroes of the Storm – Comic Issue №4 Orphea

While some players practice on PTR, Blizzard Entertainment continues to expand the story of Nexus and its inhabitants, including the newcomer, Orphea. Orphea was introduced during BlizzCon 2018 as the...


Mal’Ganis Is Coming To Heroes of the Storm

Over the last couple of days, the Heroes of the Storm team has been back to teasing the community with cryptic images, depicting a set of minions fighting someone with the flashes of neon-green Fel fr...

King's Crest Event Blizzcon Virtual Ticket Rewards

HotS – King’s Crest Event & Comic Now Live, Razorgrin Mount Reveal

Are you prepared to witness the Fall of King’s Crest? The latest event is now live on both EU and NA servers of Heroes of the Storm and will run through October 15. Don’t waste your chance...

Fall of King's Crest

Heroes of the Storm – The Fall of King’s Crest Event

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed their latest plans for the cross-franchize MOBA Heroes of the Storm. A new event called The Fall of King’s Crest is coming to the game and will last from Sept...


Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred, is coming to HotS

With High Inquisitor Whitemane already purging Nexus of the heretics and the Scourge, Heroes of the Storm team is back to teasing a new hero through their Twitter account. Usually, the team puts up a ...

Yrel HotS Giveaway

HotS – Hammer of the Naaru Giveaway, Raynor & Azmodan Rework

Blizzard Entertainment has published a new blog post on the Heroes of the Storm community site. It shares the details of the currently held giveaway that gives you a chance to wield the mighty hammer ...

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