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Heroes of the Storm – Lunara Rework Spotlight

Blizzard continues working on and iterating characters in the MOBA Heroes of the Storm. The latest one up for the rework following Diablo is Lunara, the First Daughter of Cenarius. The team has releas...

dark nexus

The Dark Nexus – Heroes of the Storm

Shortly after announcing that Heroes of the Storm universe is going to expand with new lore behind familiar faces (and voices), Blizzard Entertainment has announced a new event coming to the game R...

Blizzard logo

Blizzard News: April

Blizzard Entertainment has published a video to help the players catch up to the latest events in the company’s titles. Heroes of the Storm introduced two new Heroes: Ranged Assassin Fenix and S...

Heroes of the Storm: Deckard Cain Spotlight

Heroes of the Storm team has announced the latest character to join the roster of available characters. Meet Deckard Cain, the last of Horadrim and the latest HotS’ Support hero, hopping from Sa...

StarCraft Celebration Anniversary

Blizzard – StarCraft 20th Anniversary Celebration & Rewards

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that the date of Starcraft’s 20th Anniversary is rapidly approaching, and with it, a celebration is in order. The company invites players to take part in the...

BlizzCon 2017

BlizzCon 2017 Opening Ceremony

With BlizzCon 2017 (the 11th BlizzCon out there!) having started in Anaheim, the flow of Blizzard-related news is going to be hard to swim through. Here we’ll try to keep you posted on anything ...

Overwatch Heroes Never Die

Blizzard and its Big October – News and Info Dump

Our brothers and sisters over at MMORPG.com have been rounding up all the major news around Blizzard’s Stable of Games for October. In short, it’s been a really busy month for the house th...

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm: Call of Kel’Thuzad announced at Gamescom

As part of their Heroes 2.0 initiative, Blizzard Entertainment announced today upcoming content entitled The Call of Kel’Thuzad for their break-out MOBA, Heroes of the Storm. While there isn’t much in...

heroes of the storm 2.0

EXCLUSIVE: Heroes of the Storm 2.0 Improves the Entire Game – Interview with Kent-Erik Hagman

There are big things coming to Heroes of the Storm in the very near future. At this year’s Heroes of the Storm Spring Summit, I was lucky enough to have some time to sit down with Lead Hero Designer K...

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