Stronghold: Warlords

Stronghold: Warlords Catapults Onto PC

Firefly Studios has announced that its latest “castle sim” game, Stronghold: Warlords, has officially launched for PC. Players can purchase the strategy game on Steam, GoG, Humble, and via...

F1 2018

Today’s Your Last Chance to Grab F1 2018 for Free

For approximately the next six hours or so, race fans can grab a free copy of F1 2018 from Humble. The catch is that interested players will need to sign up for the Humble newsletter in order to get a...

Fight For Racial Justice

Fight for Racial Justice Bundle Offers $1.2k in Games & Comics

Humble has a terrific new collection of games for a bargain price. The Fight for Racial Justice Bundle offers players 50 games and comics worth over $1,200 for $30 or more. 100% of the proceeds will b...

temtem early access

Temtem Hits Early Access on 12 January

Temtem is evolving. the Pokemon style MMO is coming to PC Early Access on 21 January. If you’ve felt generally unfulfilled by the companion systems of big budget MMORPG and craving a pet battler that ...

Blood: Fresh Supply

Blood: Fresh Supply brings back the horror in 4K

Back in the nineties, when I could just about reach the keyboard, shareware demos were my introduction to PC gaming. One of these visceral treasures was the cult FPS classic Blood. Now, it is back in ...

Wandersong Review: Hitting all the Right Notes

Let’s be honest, bards are not exactly cool. They aren’t DPS monsters, they do not generally tackle the enemy head-on, and they’re nearly always a second class support. Like so many bard’s tales...

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