my beautiful paper smile

My Beautiful Paper Smile Horror Hits Early Access This Spring

Two Star Games new horror adventure, My Beautiful Paper Smile, is ready to creep into early access and it is coming for you later this Spring. The follow up to Twi Star Game’s My Friend Is A Raven is ...



DRAW CHILLY for PC is a peculiar, indie, 2D arcade game from developer and publisher AZAMATIKA. If you couldn’t glean anything about the game from the title, don’t worry, you’re not alone. I couldn’t ...

7 Good
the pedestrian

The Pedestrian Strolls Out On PC

The Pedestrian is out now on PC and the walk on puzzler is looking to cause some public disorder Why did the Chicken cross the road? Forget about the chicken we’re talking fully anthropomorphic bipeds...


Fjord-Noir Mystery Draugen Comes To Consoles

Award-winning indie title Draugen is coming to Xbox One and Playstation 4 and the mystery begins on 21 February. Developed by Red Thread Games, this unique adventure blends the gorgeous open vistas of...

Paying Homage to The Blue Bomber with Alphaman – a Review

Spanning thirty-three years, eight unique series, TV shows, and a variety of cross-over appearances, the Mega Man (or Rockman in Japan) games have had varying degrees of influence. With the latest mai...

7 Good

Mythic Ocean Review for PC

Have you ever desired a game with deep storytelling, colorful graphics, atmospheric music, and choices that matter? Mythic Ocean, from the three-person team over at Paralune, has all that and more. Wi...

10 Perfect

Orangeblood Squeezes Out A Fresh RPG

Orangeblood, a funky ridden new hip-hop RPG just pressed play on PC. We are always on the lookout for new and interesting experiences here at Gamespace, from the finger licking I Love You Colonel Sand...

Balsa Model Flight Simulator

Balsa Model Flight Simulator Lands in 2020

Balsa Model Flight Simulator is the next project to take off from the mind that blasted the Kerbals into space and it lands in Summer 2020. In a definite departure for Felipe “HarvesteR” F...


Lightmatter Gets Ready For A Bright New Year

Lightmatter is an atmospheric new puzzler and when it bursts onto PC next year it will have you cursing those long dark mornings Getting in early before the decade sunsets on us, Aspyr and Tunnel Visi...

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