RuneScape Players Ready to Hop into Blooming Burrow 2024

RuneScape Players Ready to Hop into Blooming Burrow 2024

Jagex has announced that RuneScape players can now hop into the venerated MMORPG for Blooming Burrow 2024. This year’s event is now available and offers players a chance to celebrate Easter with...

RuneScape Woodcutters Grove - 3

How Much Wood Will Your Woodcutter Cut When Runescape Gets A New Update

Runescape’s Fort Forinthry Season is getting a huge new skill when Woodcutting comes to Gielinor. Get ready for a huge new addition to Runescape. The much anticipate and slightly delayed skill comes t...

Bounty Hunter game fids players grouped up in PvP combat

Bounty Hunter Begins Again in Old School RuneScape

Bounty Hunter PvP is coming back to Old School RuneScape. Old School RuneScape players will probably want to sharpen their swords today when the Bounty Hunter mode returns to Gielinor. Anybody who rem...

Old School RuneScape 10th Anniversary

Old School RuneScape Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

Jagex has announced that it’s pulling out all the stops in celebration of the tenth anniversary of Old School RuneScape. A specially-themed anniversary event will run from now through March 15th...

RuneScape Fort Forinthry: New Foundations

RuneScape Adds Fort Forinthry: New Foundations Storyline

Jagex has announced that a new storyline has been released into its signature MMORPG RuneScape. Fort Forinthry: New Foundations introduces players to new ways to improve their construction skills and ...

Old School Runescape

Player Community Participates in Old School RuneScape Development

Jagex has announced that a wildly successful community poll is driving the next development milestone in Old School RuneScape. In December 2022, developers set up a poll to determine the next feature ...

runescape 2023 roadmap - Old School Runescape Unwraps a 2023 Roadmap

Old School Runescape Unwraps a 2023 Roadmap

Old School Runescape unwraps a 2023 roadmap, as the Jagex puts a bow on its’ Winter Summit. Players of the retro incarnation of Runescape are set to get a whole sack full of new content next year, and...

runescape fresh start worlds

Return To Gielinor With Runescape Fresh Start Worlds

Jagex has just booted up the perfect opportunity to return to a classic MMO with Runescape Fresh Start Worlds. Get a new beginning in Runescape or return to a simpler time, with a brand new swathe of ...

RuneScape Fresh Start Worlds

RuneScape Fresh Start Worlds Delayed Slightly

Jagex has announced that the fresh start worlds coming to RuneScape and Old School RuneScape are delayed slightly. Originally slated to launch at the beginning of September for RS, the delay is to imp...

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