Last Epoch

Last Epoch Has a New Trailer and Beta Date

It takes a special kind of magic to make a classic APRG game and developer Eleventh Hour Games are about to show us all if they have the right ingredients on hand. On April 30, Last Epoch kicks off it...

Time 4 Machine Review

Time 4 Machine – Hands On with the World’s Most Beautiful Construction Set

As a boy, I loved LEGOs. The bigger and more complicated the set, the better. The satisfaction of seeing that pile of disparate blocks turn into a brand new creation was one of the most satisfying exp...

Crossroads Inn Successfully Funded on Kickstarter

Crossroads Inn Successfully Funded on Kickstarter

Kraken Unleashed has announced that the Kickstarter campaign for the fantasy tavern sim Crossroads Inn has been finished successfully. Originally, the developers looked to raise $30,000. Over 1,200 ba...

Thea 2

Thea 2: The Shattering Developer Interview

Building A New World with Community Back in November 2018, the MuHa games brought the second installment of the Thea story to early access. The follow up to Thea: The Awakening, this adventure takes a...

System Shock Final Art KS Preview

System Shock: Final Art KS Preview

Nightdive Studios published a new System Shock remake pre-alpha gameplay trailer that lets you take a glimpse at the game. The devs promise to show off the combat system next. The developers have run ...

CHUWI Reveals the UBook – Powerful 2-in-1 Tablet PC

CHUWI, makers of affordable tablets and laptop PCs, is at it again, with what might be their most exciting project yet. Yesterday, the company officially announced plans to create the Ubook, a slim 2-...

The 5 Best Sports Video Games of 2019

It is the New Year, and one week down the line, it seems that 2019 is shaping to be a good year for video games. The previous year was a pretty decent year for sports video games, and here are some of...

Cooler Master ControlPad

Cooler Master successfully funds ControlPad, passing goal by 175%

LOS ANGELES, CALIF., November 27, 2018 – Cooler Master, a global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative gaming peripherals and computer components, surpasses ControlPad Kickstarter goa...

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood of Venice Tabletop Kickstarter

Tabletop Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood of Venice Raises Over $450k on Kickstarter

When the tabletop game Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood of Venice came to Kickstarter, the fans immediately took interest in the project. Over a single day, the campaign raised $450k pledged by ove...

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