kingdom hearts

Kingdom Hearts Story So Far

Kingdom Hearts – The Story So Far – Collection

Square Enix and Disney have launched Kingdom Hearts – The Story So Far collection that takes players through nine chapters of the beloved series. This encompassing experience through the world o...

Kingdom Hearts 3 Campaign

Kingdom Hearts 3 Campaign Will Take 40+ Hours

Square Enix fans excitedly await the coming of the Kingdom Hearts 3, the latest instalment in the beloved franchize that will swipe you off your feet directly into Disney’s lands. On your journe...

Square Enix

Square Enix E3 2018 Conference

Square Enix is on hand during the E3 2018 conference in Los Angeles. In truly Square Enix fashion, the company has already revealed the Kingdom Hearts III release date and the Frozen trailer. Mark you...

Kingdom Hearts III Release Date

Kingdom Hearts III Release Date Announced

Square Enix has taken to Twitter to announce Kingdom Hearts III release date. Mark your calendars for January 29, 2019, when the game will launch on PS4 as well as Xbox One. KINGDOM HEARTS III will be...

Kingdom Hearts HD Remix

Kingdom Hearts HD Remix Features Six Big Games

Kingdom Hearts HD Remix is a dream come true for fans of six classic games from the past. Players fight the Heartless who seek to take over our favorite Disney worlds. Kingdom Hearts HD Remix – ...

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