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THEA500 Mini

Find 25 Amiga Classics on the A500 Mini

Retro Games and Koch Media have revealed the first details for the forthcoming release of the A500 Mini console that will contain a whopping 25 classic Amiga games. According to the dev team, this is ...

Kingdom Come Deliverance

Kingdom Come Deliverance Announced for Nintendo Switch

Koch Media and Warhorse Studios have announced that the action RPG Kingdom Come Deliverance is coming to Nintendo Switch. The game has already sold over four million copies for PC, PlayStation 4, and ...

Payday 3

New Publishing Deal Reveals Payday 3 Launch Window

Thanks to a new publishing agreement between Koch Media and Starbreeze — yes, it has survived all of its financial woes — we now have a release window for Payday 3. The pair also announced...

Saints Row IV Banner

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected Nintendo Switch Review – Mayhemic Fun

I had never bought into the Saints Row franchise. Going in, my impressions were based on past things I had heard. That being, that these games are full of guns and cars! My hesitance to play them in t...

8 Great
Chorus - Space-Flight Combat Shooter Coming in 2021

Chorus – Space-Flight Combat Shooter Coming in 2021

Developed by Deep Silver Fishlabs, Chorus is a new space-flight combat shooter coming in 2021 to Xbox Series X and Xbox One. Nara, once the Circle’s deadliest warrior and now their most wanted f...

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