ces 2020 amd processor

CES 2020 AMD Unveils Your Next New Processor

Throw out your laptop and ditch your desktop! AMD just revealed 20 new processors at CES 2020 and there’s not a whole lot that Intel seems able to do. Laptops A world first, the 4000 series Ryzen proc...

Laptop 2

The Top Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Laptop for Gaming

There is no denying that buying a laptop for gaming is a tricky business. For one thing, there are so many different factors that you need to focus on. For another, there is a lot of misinformation to...

Dell introduces new G3 15-inch Gaming, a cheap introduction to gaming with a GTX 1050Ti

Even though Dell owns one of the most recognized gaming brands in the world, Alienware, it hasn’t stopped them from releasing gaming products under the Dell brand name.  They’re perfect fo...

Gaming Laptop Buying Guide: Top 3 Specs Worth Splurging For

Gaming Laptop Buying Guide: Top 3 Specs Worth Splurging For

When you hear the term gaming laptop, your first thought might be that well, that doesn’t sound right because how can a laptop handle the kind of gaming I do? The truth is that laptops have come a ver...

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