last oasis

Last Oasis LOverhaul

Last Oasis Embraces PvE Action Thanks to “Loverhaul” Update

Donkey Crew has announced the release of a large and anticipated update to Last Oasis, its open-world survival MMORPG. Called “LOverhaul,” the update’s primary focus is adding PvE el...

Last Oasis Introduces Walker Building System Rework

Last Oasis Introduces Walker Building System Rework

Last Oasis, a nomadic Survival MMO from Donkey Crew, is in for a large update that will change how Walker building system works. One of the major changes coming to S5 is the removal of free placement ...

Last Oasis Xbox Games Store

Last Oasis Lands On Xbox Games Store

Last Oasis, the nomadic survival adventure that gets sand everywhere, has landed on the Xbox Games Store and is available to play today. Following on from an appearance as part of the [email protected]’s debut ...

Last Oasis

Last Oasis Introduces The Volcanyon Map

Developer Donkey Crew rolled out another update for Survival MMO Last Oasis, introducing a new map Volcanyon. It incorporates bits and pieces from the Canyon and the latest Volcanic map, while also ha...

last oasis exoskeleton

Last Oasis Gets Woodpunk Powered Exoskeleton Armour

Donkey Crew is about to mech a bit of a racket as they come stomping into Gamescom 2020 and reveal a brand new Exoskeleton update to Last Oasis. Players who revelled in the idea of building massive wo...

last oasis soundtrack

Listen To The Desert With The Last Oasis Soundtrack

Get ready to listen to the sounds of the underground sandworms as Last Oasis releases the game soundtrack for fans of the survival sim. Carried out onto the desert winds, the haunting vocal cries of t...

Last oasis developer interview

Last Oasis Developer Interview Talks Worms, Survival, & Woopunk Warfare

Last Oasis burst onto the gaming scene during March, taking the idea of a sandbox survival quite literally, developers Donkey Crew unleashed a dystopian world where the last remnants of humanity raced...

Last Oasis

Last Oasis returns to Steam while devs explain earlier issues

Survival MMO Last Oasis launched about a week ago but was pulled off Steam due to a plethora of server issues, wait times, and server crashes that made the game nearly unplayable. To say that the comm...

last oasis early access

Last Oasis Strides Into Early Access In March

last oasis, the hotly anticipated survival adventure, is set to stride into Steam Early Access on 26 March. The upcoming survival sandbox, set in a post apocalyptic future, just got a firm start date....

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