what the golf steam

What The Golf? Lands On Steam October 22

What The Golf, the game that is absolutely definitely not about golf, is about to putter onto Steam on 22 October. Driving out of the Triband clubhouse and set to land on Steam, What The Golf? Is the ...

Ninjala Was Downloaded Over 3 Million Times

Ninjala Was Downloaded Over 3 Million Times

The developers of multiplayer action Ninjala have shared the exciting news that the game has been downloaded over 3 million times on Nintendo Switch. The team expresses their deepest gratitude to all ...

Ninjala Launch

Ninjala Launches Into Battle 24 June

Ninjala, the bubblegum brawler from Gungho Entertainment, is about to launch headlong into battle on the Nintendo Switch this 24 June. In just a couple of days, Players who have tried out the brightly...

Crucible Keyart launch

Crucible Is Launching on 20 May

Crucible, the upcoming team-based shooter from Amazon games, is set to launch onto PC on 20 May. It’s not long since we found out that Crucible, Amazon Games’ other big hitter alongside Ne...

legends of runeterra launch

Legends of Runeterra Launches This Week on PC and Mobile

Legends of RUnterra, the competitive card game from Riot, is all set to launch out of beta and arrive on mobile devices within the next couple of days. Players participating in beta testing of Riot’s ...

Last Oasis

Last Oasis Players Can Grab A Full Refund

After a launch weekend that saw some serious server issues, Last Oasis developer, Donkey Crew has offered full refunds to the player base. In a social media post that hit twitter on Sunday night, the ...

geforce now rtx

GeForce Now Launches Streaming With RTX For $5

Nvidia’s top-end GPU might cost you over $1000 but now the graphics giant is loading RTX ray-tracing tech to its GeForce Now streaming service for $5 per month. Forget the top one percent of the PC ma...

Here’s when you can get started playing TemTem

Today’s a big day for those who love collecting games like Pokemon Go. TemTem is slated for Early Access release beginning today, though only on PC for at least the next several months. Develope...

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint preloading, headstart & more

Ubisoft has wrapped up the Ghost Recon Breakpoint open beta ahead of tomorrow’s headstart launch. We’ve compiled all the things you need to know to make sure you’re fully prepared fo...

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