little nightmares

Very Little Nightmares

Very Little Nightmares Scares Up Android

Very Little Nightmares, the mobile horror game from Bandai Namco, is about to terrify and enthrall Android owners as it launches on the Google Play Store. If you’re lucky you’ll already be able to get...

Little Nightmares Soundtrack Spooks up Spotify

The music of great games is now, more than ever, integral to a great gaming experience. As publishers continue to realize the importance of this content, audiences are able to access theses modern cla...

little nightmares review

Little Nightmares Complete Edition Brings Big Creepy Adventure to the Nintendo Switch

Little Nightmares Complete Edition is headed to the Nintendo Switch on May 18th, bringing the awesome horror platformer to the Nintendo console complete with all DLC and added content. From the press ...

little nightmares review

Little Nightmares Review

In a year already jam-packed with great games, Little Nightmares not only holds its own but also provides a unique experience which is both entertaining and intriguing. There aren’t many platforming g...

8.8 Great
pax east 2017 little nightmares

PAX East 2017 Little Nightmares Impressions

One of the most interesting games I had a chance to try while at PAX East is a suspense adventure game called Little Nightmares. The main character is a nine year old girl named Six who is trying to f...

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