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The Drop Rate From Overwatch Loot Boxes Finally Revealed

Overwatch revealed the drop rate from the Loot Boxes within the in-game, thanks to the Loot Box law by China. The law dictates that every sold game will need to provide information of drop rates, so t...

uk parliament loot boxes gambling

UK House Of Lords Views Loot Boxes As Gambling

The UK’s House of Lords has just published a new report that calls on the Government to reclassify in game loot boxes as gambling. While we’ve all had possibly more pressing matters on our minds...


ESRB Ratings Will Warn of Random Item Purchases

The ESRB has announced that video games will now feature both an age rating and a warning label about in-game purchases and if those purchases can include random items. While game labels have included...

Games of Chance

Exploring the rocky relationship between video games and games of chance

Games of chance have had an increasingly prominent role to play in the recent history of AAA gaming. We’ve seen developers adopt a lenient approach when introducing elements of gambling to our favorit...


Valorant will avoid the loot box quagmire

Riot Games recently held an event at its Los Angeles studio to begin releasing the first concrete information about its upcoming 5v5 team-based shooter, Valorant. During the event, developers were ask...

loot box drop rates esa

Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft to Reveal Loot Box Drop Rates

Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft appear to be shuffling away from blind box loot boxes with a commitment to ensure games on their platforms disclose the drop rates from loot boxes in future titles. The v...

Fortnite - Loot Unboxing Changes

Fortnite – Loot Unboxing Changes

The Fortnite team has published a new blog post on the Epic Games site to let players know of the upcoming changes to Save the World’s V-Buck Llamas. Starting in update v7.30, any Llama availabl...

paid loot boxes

Overwatch – Paid Loot Boxes Disabled For Players in Belgium

Back in April, Belgium’s Gambling Commission had investigated and ruled loot boxes illegal in Overwatch, FIFA 18 and CS: GO.  Now Blizzard Community Manager named Vaneras has taken to the Overwa...

The Update to Rule Them All comes to Shadow of War

Middle-Earth Shadows of War is coming out with it’s biggest update yet. While there are numerous things being done in this patch the biggest has to be the removal of the Market and improvements ...

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