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Outriders – 7 Tips To A Better Life On Enoch

Now that the server issues that plagued Outriders over the launch weekend have cleared up for the most part, you’re probably ready to jump headfirst into People Can Fly and Square Enix’s n...

Anthem - Bioware Officially Stops Work on the Overhaul

Anthem – Bioware Stops Work on the Overhaul

Anthem, the ill-fated looter-shooter of Bioware, will not be receiving the long-awaited overhaul. As revealed in the official blog post by Christian Dailey, the team has made the difficult decision to...

BioWare - Anthem

Anthem’s Fate May Be Decided This Week

The latest title of Bioware, looter/shooter Anthem faced a rocky launch and many players and journalists alike had wondered if the company is going to cut its losses, abandon the game and move on. In ...

Everspace 2 Early Access Release Pushed Back to January

Everspace 2 Early Access Release Pushed Back to January

With the Cyberpunk 2077 release date being pushed back to December 10th, the team behind Everspace 2 decided to push the Early Access release date for the game to January (from mid-December). Accordin...

Anthem Heads to EA Access & Origin Access

Bioware Austin Shares Concepts for Anthem 2.0

Following a less than ideal start, Bioware’s looter-shooter Anthem got the developers to reimagine the game from the beginning. We did not hear much about the so-called Anthem 2.0 or Anthem NEXT...

Escape from Tarkov - Patch 0.12.7 Patch Notes

Escape from Tarkov – Patch 0.12.7 Patch Notes

The developers of shooter Escape from Tarkov have shared the patch notes for the latest update to the game. Patch 0.12.7 adds a variety of new features to the game as well as new weapons, ammo, stimul...

Escape From Tarkov Bans Over 4000 Cheaters After Planned Wipe

Escape From Tarkov Bans Over 5000 Cheaters After Planned Wipe

Following the release of update for hardcore tactical FPS Escape From Tarkov, the developers from Battlestate Games held the planned progress wipe. As usual, a group of players wanted to r...

Anthem Heads to EA Access & Origin Access

What’s Next for Anthem – May Update

Ever since developers of Bioware’s looter-shooter Anthem have announced that the game is going to be “reimagined” back in February, the team has been quiet about the project. So much...

Anthem - Update 1.6.0 'Icetide' is Here

Bioware and EA didn’t come to Anthem First Birthday Party

Bioware’s Looter/Shooter Anthem has just turned one year old on February 22nd. Unlike the usual Bioware celebration, the likes of N7 Day or D4 Day, Anthem’s first birthday party has only b...

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