lost ark

lost ark dungeon screenshot

Lost Ark Delayed to ‘Early 2022’

Smilegate and Amazon Games have announced that the highly anticipated MMORPG Lost Ark will not be arriving in the west until early 2022. As late as E3 2021, both Smilegate and Amazon Games were primin...


Most Anticipated MMORPGs Still Coming In 2021

MMORPGs are dead! Long live MMORPGs! We’ll probably never see an MMORPG reach the popularity World of Warcraft garnered in the mid-2000s, but the genre is far from dead. Even before flocked to M...

lost ark dungeon screenshot

Lost Ark Is Coming West in 2021

Lost Ark is coming west in 2021, bringing this massive hit MMORPG to a whole new wave of PC gamers. If you have a hint of recognition when reading the name Lost Ark, then don’t be surprised. Smilegate...

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